Swagelining Qualifies Its Polymer Lining Connector with DNV GL and Equinor

Swagelining’s LinerBridge technology, the world’s first all-polymer lining connector that removes the need for corrosion resistant alloy (CRA) welding, has completed DNV GL technology certification.

Equinor, formerly known as Statoil, has also granted the technology approval for use in water injection applications worldwide.

Swagelining says the innovative connector offers an alternative to conventional CRA connectors and the opportunity to create a robust and fully integrated polymer barrier within the pipeline.

The newly qualified technology is said to increase the cost-effectiveness of polymer lining systems, enabling a step-change in the mitigation of internal corrosion for pipelines and risers.

Technical development manager, Allan Feeney, said: “Polymer lining systems have been used to prevent internal corrosion since the 1990s. However the technology’s potential remained largely untapped due to the need for the costly and complex to weld CRA connectors to join the lengths of polymer lined pipe. The qualification of LinerBridge now allows us to offer end-to-end polymer lining protection and move away from CRA welded connectors.

“The robust and proven electrofusion technology has been adapted from the onshore water and gas utilities industry. LinerBridge contains no CRA materials and instead the connector is manufactured from the same polymer material as the liner. This reduces connector procurement costs and scheduling and allows for standard carbon steel welding procedures to be utilised for pipeline tie-ins.

“The connector is qualified for onshore and offshore applications, including towed pipeline bundles and reel-lay. When used in reel-lay, we believe the LinerBridge connector enables EPCI cost reductions up to 35% over traditional fully CRA lined pipelines.”

Equinor has qualified LinerBridge for use in water injection application, following the liner system’s success in a recent qualification plan. After undergoing simulated reeling, hydrostatic testing and accelerated age testing, the liner system including the LinerBridge connector maintained its integrity and corrosion barrier.

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