Supply Chain Directory for UK Decommissioning Sector Released

Tom Leeson, Decom North Sea interim chief executive

Decom North Sea has published a Decom Directory in conjunction with Scottish Enterprise and the Oil & Gas Authority, which provides details of companies which have the capability to service the UK/UKCS decommissioning sector.

Supported by EEEGR, FPAL, EIC, FEDF and NOF, the directory captures the capabilities of almost 300 supply chain companies which can service the UK/UKCS across 17 newly-defined supply chain activities within a decommissioning work break down structure (WBS); from planning stages through to site remediation and long-term monitoring.

Created with the assistance of EEEGR, the structure has been developed to align with the industry-recognised Oil & Gas UK WBS.

Tom Leeson, Decom North Sea interim chief executive, said: “The Decom Directory will have a fundamental impact upon understanding the current capability to service UK/UKCS decommissioning activity.

“As the sector continues to evolve, the directory allows both operators and the supply chain to plan for the future, identify potential consortiums and manage supply peaks by categorising supply chain companies by key activity, capability, case history and geography.

“The directory also provides an understanding of whether companies provide this service as part of their core business, integrated services or whether they sub-contract the work; it will assist in identifying alternative contracting and commercial arrangements, ensuring the supply chain is ready to optimise the opportunities that arise.”

David Rennie, Head of Oil & Gas at Scottish Enterprise, said: “This directory is part of our approach in supporting the supply chain as set out in our Decommissioning Action Plan published last year.

“With decommissioning activity increasing over recent years, and an annual £1.5-2 billon of expenditure forecast over the next five years, hundreds of supply chain companies in Scotland have already been and will continue to be involved in decommissioning projects. From complex large steel platforms to subsea wells and fields, a huge amount of planning and preparation goes into developing decommissioning programmes and executing the work.”

Please follow this LINK to download the Decom Directory.

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