Subsea 7 Deploys Newton Labs Scanner for Hess Project

i-Tech Services Division at Subsea 7 has utilized the Newton Labs M500UW laser scanner systems to create high precision scans for a Hess Corporation project.

The Hess Corporation work specifically required scan resolutions at 500 meters depth in the range of 0.1mm resolution to solve a maintenance issue with an underwater Hub.

The i-Tech Division of Subsea 7 chose to utilize the precision of the Newton Labs M500UW as it allowed for necessary correction of a burr and damage on the interior of the Hub. This damage needed to be brought to exact tolerances.

With the high resolution data measurements created by the Newton Labs M500UW, the i-Tech Services team was able to scan, polish and re-scan the burr until the required dimensions were achieved.

Gram Hall of Subsea 7 i-Tech said, “It was very satisfactory to be able to measure with such high precision at depth and thus measure our damage. When we discovered that this high resolution technology was available at depth, we immediately adopted it to solve our issue.

According to Newton Labs, the ability to achieve such high resolution scanning with conversion to measurable 3D CAD models at subsea depths of more than 100 meters has never previously been available to the market. With the introduction of the M500UW and the upcoming deployment of models rated to depths of 4000 meters, Newton Labs is continuing forward as a true innovator in the subsea industry.

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