SMP Makes Early Deliveries of Submarine Rescue Package

Preston-based Submarine Manufacturing and Products (SMP) said it has delivered ahead of schedule the Submarine Emergency Survival Pods, ROV Training Simulator Suite and Subsea Training Templates for connection of the (SEVDS) Submarine Emergency Ventilation & Decompression System.

The 4000-metre depth rated ROV, TMS, & LARS have been completed ahead of schedule by FET ready for FATS.

This includes in-depth training of the Navy personnel ROV teams over the coming weeks at the manufacturer’s facility in UK.

According to SMP, additional training will be carried out in country following installation and integration of the equipment on the client’s purpose built Submarine Rescue Vessel.

In addition a DeepWorker 600 Metre Single Man Observation Submersible has been completed ahead of schedule, fully outfitted and externally pressure tested ready for final FATS.

Training of the Navy Personnel first response teams will be carried out over the coming months in country from a dedicated first response vessel, SMP said.

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