SMD Introduces High-Speed ROV | Subsea World News

Soil Machine Dynamics (SMD) has developed FLO – a new survey and inspection ROV system capable of delivering data in areas such as seabed mapping and pipeline inspection.

Namely, standard work class ROVs have speed limitations due to their size, weight and hydrodynamics. They can also be unsteady operating at higher speeds, SMD explains.

To tackle this, the UK-based subsea engineering specialist said it has engineered FLO to perform tasks faster and more efficiently.

The new system has a top speed of 6 Knots and the ability to hold position in currents up to 4 Knots from any direction.

According to SMD, the new high-speed ROV also boasts 50% faster survey times compared to conventional work class ROVs and is capable of extending the operational window in areas where high currents are prevalent, especially within the renewables sector.

FLO can also be operated in free swimming mode for shallow water and uses a tether management system in deeper water. The system has a purpose-designed LARS with auto cable render and a gimballing docking head.

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