Sif to Manufacture SeaMade Offshore Wind Farm Monopiles

Sif Holding has received a production contract from Dredging International for the 58 monopiles and the primary steel of the transition pieces for SeaMade offshore wind farm, located off the coast of Ostend, Belgium.

The transition pieces will be manufactured in joint venture with Smulders in Hoboken, the company informed.

The 487 MW offshore wind farm will comprise of 58 Siemens-Gamesa turbines each with an individual installed capacity of 8.4 MW and will be placed on monopile foundations.

The monopiles and primary steel for transition pieces will be produced by Sif. Smulders will manufacture secondary steel and be responsible for the outfitting of the transition pieces.

The total volume of the project will amount to approximately 60 ktons for the MP’s and 13.7 ktons for the primary steel for TP’s.

The production is scheduled for 2019.

SeaMade is developed by SeaMade NV, a combination of Seastar and Mermaid, is a cooperation between Otary group (70%), Electrabel (Engie, 17.5%) and Eneco Wind Belgium (12.5%).

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