Sercel, Kappa Offshore Solutions launch 3D seismic tool for renewables

Sercel and Kappa Offshore Solutions have jointly launched PIKSEL, a compact marine seismic solution specially designed for acquiring the seismic data for high-resolution 3D imaging of targeted offshore areas.

PIKSEL, a compact marine seismic solution for 3D imaging of targeted offshore areas (Courtesy of Sercel)

Capitalizing on Sercel’s Sentinel streamer technology, and Kappa Offshore Solutions’ expertise in equipment integration and hydrodynamic modeling, PIKSEL can acquire high- and ultra-high-precision seismic data using a new process to meet the requirements of the market for high-resolution site surveys, the companies have said.

PIKSEL draws on the low noise performance of its Sentinel streamer’s hydrophone design as well as an optimized rigging and handling system that minimizes vibration.

For enhanced broadband imaging, PIKSEL uses Sercel’s Sentinel MS 3-C multi-sensor streamer to ensure the most accurate and noise-free signal possible.

With its optimized hydrodynamic shape, towing speed has never been so high, the partners claim, making survey acquisition faster. PIKSEL can also be towed deeper than any other solution, allowing for data recording in rough seas and thereby reducing downtime.

For improved operational efficiency, the turnkey PIKSEL solution can be containerized to enable quick installation onboard a range of vessel types.

Thibaut Choquer, Kappa Offshore Solutions CEO, said: “We are extremely proud to partner with Sercel in designing an industrial system for high-resolution and ultra-high-resolution seismic data acquisition at sea. This new system improves the efficiency of geohazard assessment surveys and paves the way for geophysical and geotechnical data integration, which is of particular interest for the development of offshore renewable energies”.

Emmanuelle Dubu, CEO of Sercel, said: “As a result of our partnership with Kappa Offshore Solutions, Sercel offers the best-in-class marine seismic acquisition solution with unprecedented performance to meet the rigorous requirements of all types of high-resolution marine seismic applications, including renewable energy infrastructure projects. The new PIKSEL solution makes it significantly easier to conduct continuous surveys even in poor weather conditions, thereby improving offshore productivity”.

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