Seaway Heavy Lifting Renames Two Crane Vessels

Seaway Heavy Lifting, a specialist offshore contractor and operator of two heavy lift vessels ‘Stanislav Yudin’ and ‘Oleg Strashnov’, has renamed the vessels to ‘Seaway Yudin’ and ‘Seaway Strashnov’.

The Seaway Yudin is a crane vessel equipped with a 2,500 tonnes revolving crane, a 500 tonnes auxiliary hook and a 30 tonnes trolley hoist.

With 78.4 m on the main hook and 100.8 m on the auxiliary, the Seaway Yudin is fit for a range of offshore installation tasks.

The vessel can provide accommodation for 151 persons.

In addition, Seaway Strashnov’s 5,000 tonnes revolving crane has a main hook lifting height of 102 meters. It is equipped with a 800 tonnes and 200 tonnes auxiliary hooks and a 30 tonnes trolley hoist.

Seaway Strashnov can carry out the installation of large, heavy structures. It is also DP3 equipped for the installation of TLP/SPAR foundations and topsides, together with the in-field installation of modules on FPSOs and heavy subsea structures.

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