Seatools Umbilical Winch for Van Oord’s Subsea Trencher

Subsea technology company Seatools has completed the delivery of a CT umbilical winch on behalf Van Oord.

The winch will power Van Oord’s new subsea trencher “Deep Dig It,” which will be deployed during cable installation operations at an offshore wind farm later this year.

According to Seatools, the plug-and-play umbilical winch stands out in its ability to transfer large amounts of power and data: a total of 1800 kW of power at a voltage rating of 4100 VAC.

To guarantee uninterrupted operations across a wide variety of (environmental) conditions, during the engineering phase much effort was invested in heat management. Moreover, the winch comes with a 20 feet container footprint and features integrated load measurement, Seatools explained.

During the engineering, realization, and test phases of the project, Van Oord and Seatools closely collaborated. Van Oord’s involvement allowed for the incorporation of the company’s specific domain knowledge and preferences.

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