SeaRobotics AUV for USACE Post-Hurricane Survey Ops

SeaRobotics has recently delivered an autonomous surface vehicle (ASV) to the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers (USACE) for rapid post-hurricane hydrographic survey in the Caribbean.

SeaRobotics’ 3.6 meter, collapsible ASV should allow rapid deployment and completion of the hydrographic surveys necessary to re-open infrastructure enabling delivery of life saving goods and services, after a severe climatic event, such as a hurricane.

“SeaRobotics is pleased to participate in improved disaster recovery efforts implemented by the USACE. As a Florida company, we are directly impacted by the need for rapid hurricane response and thrilled to be involved in the solution,” stated Don Darling, president of SeaRobotics.

The ASV was delivered with a fully integrated Edgetech 6205 multi-beam echo sounder (MBES), R2Sonic 2022 with Type II I2NS motion reference unit and dual antenna GPS system, as well as a surface sound velocity probe and a cast winch deploying a CTD—all tightly integrated with HYPACK software.

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