Searcher Launches Cloud-Based Seismic Service

Searcher has launched Saismic, a transformative cloud-based service that provides global seismic data on-demand with native support for deep learning and advanced analytics.

Saismic offers industry a smarter way to interact with seismic data on the premise that it should be adaptive, flexible and compatible with today’s big-data tools.

The global library of data has been deconstructed from the rigid flat file format traditionally associated with seismic and transformed into a distributed, scalable, big data store, the company exxplained.

Joshua Thorp, geoscience manager for Searcher, said: “Initially, we began the project to improve our internal data management across multiple offices and to streamline the delivery of seismic data to our clients. Following some early success and what we considered to be nothing short of startling results, we quickly realized the potential and decided to take the project to the next level. Fast forward 2 years and we now have a platform that holds millions of kilometers of 2D seismic and hundreds of thousands of square kilometers of 3D seismic. Far more than just meta-data, we literally have billions of seismic traces at our fingertips”

Alan Hopping, general manager, added: “The Saismic project has been genuinely transformative for our business with users scattered across the globe now able to access seismic data volumes, gathers or just a single trace instantly. The data can be viewed via the Saismic Portal or called programmatically via the Saismic API for transfer or use in interpretation and analytics systems.”

Saismic collects, standardizes and stories the worlds seismic data on a modern big data infrastructure.

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