SCS Inks UK Business Development Deal with Pommec

Subsea Commercial Services (SCS) has signed a UK focused business development contract with Pommec of the Netherlands.

According to SCS, Pommec, a manufacturer and supplier of commercial diving equipment and hyperbaric tunnelling solutions, aims to increase its penetration and presence in the UK diving sector and see SCS’ growth services as the preferred mechanism for achieving this.

Kees Voogd, sales director at Pommec, explained: “From discussions with SCS, it soon became apparent their bespoke contracting model would be a good fit with our objectives. It enables us to have a highly active local presence targeting clients and projects with our products and services while keeping us abreast of opportunities, threats and trends. We have access to SCS’ extensive UK client network and industry knowledge, while Pommec remain in control of the technical evaluation and proposal process.”

Callum Magee, SCS’ managing director, stated: “This relationship is a perfect example of SCS’ growth services being tailored to suit client requirements and organisational ethos while being structured to meet commercial objectives. The contract has flexibility built in and will hopefully over time establish Pommec’s presence in the UK to a level where SCS steps back.”

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