Saipem Takes Coronavirus Precautions | Subsea World News

Italian subsea services major Saipem is taking actions after the confirmed cases of Coronavirus on Italian territory.

Since Friday 21 February, all employees with residence in the municipalities indicated by the Regions involved have been invited to stay at their home, avoiding social interactions.

Saipem said that its Health and Occupational Medicine structure is in contact with all the people involved through a direct communication channel to provide them with prompt indications and the best possible assistance.

The work areas of the Milanese offices have also been sanitized during the weekend. The same action should be repeated daily in all Saipem workplaces.

At the same time, all missions abroad, to and from risk areas, are canceled and reduced to the minimum.

In addition, through the WHO (World Health Organization), the possible occurrence of further limitations against travelers to and from Italy is monitored and will be promptly notified.

Finally, the company has activated an assessment aimed at reducing the physical presence in the office, while maintaining business continuity.

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