SAEx Partners with Sparkle to Expand Reach from South Africa to USA

SAEx International plans to expand its reach to the US East Coast through Sparkle’s Pan-American network.

The initial phase of the SAEx project provides for crossing the Atlantic Ocean by linking the South Atlantic section of the SAEx cable from Cape Town to Brazil and then reaching the US East Coast with landing in New Jersey, USA.

To accomplish this project, SAEx has established a relationship with Sparkle, the International Services arm of TIM Group, to provide connectivity from Brazil up to USA on a fully operational fiber system.

Under the terms of the agreement, Sparkle will also provide interconnection facilities in Brazil as well as technical and sales support in Brazil and North America.

The South Atlantic Express (SAEx) project is South African sponsored, and is a planned all-wet East-West submarine fibre optic system connecting Asia and the Americas, via South Africa.

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