Saab Seaeye Boosts Subsea Vehicle Residency

Saab Seaeye said it has shown that underwater e-robotic vehicles can deepwater dock at remote sub-resident docking stations for data transfer, assignment instructions and battery charging.

The company announced that its Sabertooth AUV/ROV vehicle can now dock in a safe and controlled manner at different kinds of remote stations.

Blue Logic worked with Saab to integrate its 2kW charger into the Sabertooth.

The Sabertooth is the only hovering autonomous system that can operate in both AUV and ROV modes,” says Jan Siesjö, chief engineer at Saab Seaeye, Sweden, “and is the only vehicle currently on the market capable of undertaking long term residency operations in difficult to access locations.”

The 3,000m rated Sabertooth can be based at a remote location docking station ready to be launched on pre-programmed or man-controlled missions, including inspection, repair and maintenance, research tasks and environmental monitoring. At the docking station, tooling packages are stored, batteries recharged and data transferred via satellite or cable to shore.

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