ROVQUIP Expands Rental Fleet Portfolio

ROV tooling manufacturer ROVQUIP has recently made a significant investment in its ROV tooling and manipulator rental fleet.

The investment is part of the Aleron group’s company ongoing commitment to expanding its rental division and supporting its global customers.

New equipment in the rental pool includes:

• Webtool 38 and 75mm Cutters;
• Tritech SuperZip, Merlin and AZ10 dredge/suction pumps ;
• Forum Class 1-4 and Class 5 Torque Tools with associated verification and control units;
• ToolTec Manual Torque Tools;
• Blue Logic Dual, Triple and Quad Port Hot Stabs;
• Schilling T4 manipulators;
• ROVQUIP IHPU’s, Water Jetters, BOP Intervention skids and Cutting Tools.

Aleron acquired Aberdeenshire-based ROVQUIP in 2015 in a deal worth approximately £1.2 million.

Aleron Group has also recently made a strategic appointment to the company, welcoming David Currie as the strategic business adviser.

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