ROV Webshop Goes Live | Subsea World News

Scottish company ROVHUB has launched an online marketplace dedicated to remotely operated vehicles (ROVs).

It connects ROV owners with opportunities worldwide and allows ROV seekers to shortlist and contact relevant contractors with a few clicks of a mouse, its founder David Gault expalined.

We operate internationally and across multiple industries, so enquiries could range from a mini ROV for a quick inspection of moorings to a long-term subsea construction project for a work-class ROV,” he says.

ROVHUB complements the traditional business development efforts of ROV owners and can generate additional interesting leads with little effort and at low cost.

Gault has 30 years’ experience in commercial intelligence, subsea business development and shipbroking. He developed ROVHUB after seeing the potential of technology to efficiently bring together the supply and demand sides of the ROV business.

ROVHUB has thousands of ROVs and hundreds of ROV companies in its database and Gault says it is part of a wider digital transformation in the marine and offshore industries.

Adoption of digital technologies is gathering pace,” he says. “It’s not just about cost-cutting, it’s also about automating manual processes to free up resources that can be used more effectively elsewhere, and it’s creating opportunities by doing things differently.

Gault says ROVHUB has been two years in the making, with most of that time spent researching and verifying the ROV data behind the system and in building a powerful marketplace platform.

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