Riptide Sets Up Office in Canada

AUV developer Riptide has announced its first international expansion with the creation of Riptide Autonomous Solutions Canada.

Headquartered in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Riptide Canada is being established to support the increasing demand in Canada and abroad for affordable, flexible AUV systems.

Leonard Baker, Riptide Canada’s director, said: “We are looking to continue the steep growth and success of Riptide by establishing a Canadian subsidiary positioned to support a very active marine technology user and development market.“

Baker added that they expect to see robust employee headcount growth as several new programs come to fruition and more vehicles are delivered over the next few years.

Jeff Smith, Riptide’s president and CEO, said: “We are excited to be in a position to add this office in such a critical location as Halifax, supporting our local customers and working closely to enable the cutting edge maritime development and leading edge research with flexible and extensible AUV systems. Lenny’s technical knowledge and experience developing all of Riptide’s products, combined with his corporate history from our founding 3 and a half years ago, makes him the ideal candidate to lead this effort.”

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