REV Ocean, ODF and NTNU Team Up on Ocean Research

REV Ocean has signed a partnership agreement with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU) and Ocean Data Foundation (ODF).

With this agreement, NTNU scientists and engineering students will be able to use the REV Ocean vessel as a research platform and apply their marine science expertise to REV Ocean and the Ocean Data Platform (ODP).

This partnership brings together some of our most innovative and exciting opportunities for ocean research. Our research vessel, in combination with NTNU’s expertise, autonomous vehicle capabilities and the ODP’s visualization creates a seamless and winning match that will help achieve our primary goal of ‘one healthy ocean,” said REV Ocean CEO, Nina Jensen.

The REV Ocean vessel will have advanced science laboratories, autonomous and remotely-controlled underwater vehicles, a state-of-the-art submarine, drones and sonar systems for ocean mapping and monitoring. NTNU, with its expertise in marine robotics and cross-disciplinary ocean research, will be able to use the REV Ocean vessel and the equipment onboard for education, research, and innovation for solutions in the ocean environment.

NTNU Rector, Anne Borg, stated: “The collaboration with REV Ocean and the Ocean Data Foundation is well-aligned with NTNU´s vision of providing knowledge for a better world. There is still a huge lack of understanding about the processes that are going on in the ocean and the coastal areas, including the Arctic. We are in a hurry to understand, and the time to act is now. Our mission is to contribute to knowledge-based management and sustainability in the value creation from the oceans. We trust in knowledge and competence, and a corresponding holistic view when addressing global challenges related to the oceans such as climate, environment, lack of food, energy and minerals as well as logistics and transportation.”

Efficient handling of ocean data is a key component for tackling the environmental problems of the ocean. The Ocean Data Platform will be the cornerstone for piloting methods for storage, analysis, and visualization of big ocean data for more efficient and impactful education, research and value creation to industry and society at large. The ODP will also develop a digital twin of the REV Ocean vessel for real time tracking of expeditions and research cruises.

Bjørn Tore Markussen, the CEO of the Ocean Data Foundation, says: “The Ocean Data Platform signals a breakthrough in collecting and connecting ocean data for the public, industry, science, and governments. Currently, we see that the data produced about the ocean is often stored away in silos or is difficult to access for various reasons. We need to liberate this data and provide unique access to vast amounts of information, so we can much better preserve and develop the natural wealth of the oceans. A genuine unifying platform demands strong partnerships, we are very fortunate to pursue this endeavour together with NTNU, given their advanced expertise in marinerobotics and cross disciplinary ocean research.”

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