PT.OSI Wraps Up ONWJ Campaign

PT. Offshore Services Indonesia (OSI) has completed IMR works on platforms, pipelines and offshore marine installations in the Java Sea area of operation.

The 3-year technical services contract at ONWJ (Offshore Northwest Java) for provision of saturation DSV and all associated subsea engineering services was carried out by the DP II DSV Crest Odyssey 1, complete with 12 man integral saturation diving system, heave compensated 100T knuckle boom crane, work-class ROV and all associated engineering support provided by Indonesian subsea independent engineering entity PT. Marine Engineering Services (PT.MES)

During the overall contract duration PT.OSI completed 354 Bell Runs (237 which were Back-to-Back) 183 Air Dives and 235 ROV operations.

The company said it had an overall total of 265,392 offshore man hours without serious accident or incident.

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