PSW Takes Control of EMAS Spoolbase in Norway

PSW Group has signed an agreement for operation of the former EMAS spoolbase located in Gulen Industrial Harbor, Western Norway.

The agreement covers all activities related to the production and spooling of pipelines for offshore use.

The spoolbase, which was constructed in 2014 to optimize handling a wide range of subsea and offshore piping projects in Northern Europe, will be named “PSW Spoolbase”.

CEO of PSW Group, Oddbjørn Haukøy, believes the operating agreement will place the company on the map as a supplier in the SURF-market, and expects great market interest; “We’re seeing a shift from major developments to satellite and tie-back projects on the Norwegian and British Continental Shelf. There is a market analysis which shows expectations of strong growth in the future, with an estimated value of five billion dollars on the Norwegian and British continental shelves. With our new facilities we’ll be a highly competitive supplier. We have started the hiring process and expect a contract within this year”.

With this agreement PSW Group will operate an area of over 120,000m2 in Gulen. The area will include a rig quay, sail-in dock and spoolbase, and is set up with infrastructure and logistics to handle a wide range of activities.

“With the spoolbase we are now doubling our area of operation and are aiming for the international market. We are already in dialogue with global companies who are investigating the possibility of using PSW Spoolbase versus new establishments in other regions,” said Haukøy.

Another focus area is to further develop the facilities to handle spooling and logistics for offshore power cables that are necessary for offshore wind projects, and PSW Group said it is currently working on several prospects together with companies outside of Norway.

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