Phoenix Executes Mudline Tree Recompletion in GoM

Marine services contractor Phoenix has recently carried out a mudline tree recompletion for Walter Oil & Gas in the Gulf of Mexico.

Utilizing its atmospheric diving system (ADS), the project took place over 15 days, in two phases, operating at a water depth of 200 fsw (61 msw).

The first phase of the project saw the removal and recovery of the subsea tree from the wellhead and installation of a new radial bolt adapter.

In the second phase, the bolt adapter was removed, and a new mud line tree installed. In both phases, an Installation and Workover Control System (IWOCS) umbilical was connected, testing monitored and then removed, Phoenix explained.

Jon Regh, area manager for Phoenix stated, “Our ADS is the perfect solution for mudline tree operations due to its ability to mobilize quickly and work at different depths during the same dive.

“Additionally, since the ADS system has such a small footprint, Phoenix was able to utilize the drill rig as a dive platform thereby providing valuable cost savings to Walter Oil & Gas for the project.”

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