PGS Takes Case Against Armada to Supreme Court

PGS Geophysical UK (former Arrow Seismic) has appealed the decision by the Gulating Court of Appeal in Bergen which dismissed its claim against GC Rieber’s subsidiary Armada Seismic Invest II.

The court dismissed claims of €9 million from PGS against Armada in connection with the delivery of 3D seismic vessel Polar Duchess.

To remind, in 2012 Arrow alleged that Armada had acted negligently when the company took delivery of the Polar Duchess in October 2011 and claimed about €9 million in damages.

The dispute was first resolved in March 2016, following which the PGS appealed and took the case to another round, where the claim has also been dismissed.

GC Rieber, said, “Armada maintains its view that the claim is unfounded, which was also confirmed by Bergen District Court in the first instance and Gulating Court of Appeal in Bergen in the second instance. Armada will continue to defend itself against the claim before the Supreme Court.”

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