PGS delivers Namibe Basin early PSTM products

Early-out pre-stack time migration (PSTM) products are now available from PGS latest multiclient 3D survey in the Namibe Basin.

Norwegian seismic player wrapped up its 2020 acquisition campaign in Angola’s Namibe Basin in September this year.

The vessel Ramform Sovereign completed the project offshore Angola using multisensor GeoStreamer technology.

New coverage over Blocks 29, 30, 44, and 45 brings fresh understanding for deeper water exploration.

The latest survey connects the 3D seismic coverage of southern Angola with PGS seismic data library coverage in Namibia.

The dataset targets over 14 000 square kilometres, complementing the 2014 3D survey as well as 2019 3D survey.

Specifically, PGS now offers a continuous coverage in this frontier region, with over 34 000 square kilometres of seismic data.

Final PSTM products will be available in Q1 2021 and final PSDM data also in 2021 but in Q3.

Regional GeoStreamer 3D data incorporating FWI velocity model building will better image structures and faults and help to establish target plays in the southern Namibe Basin.

The new 3D data delivers improved signal-to-noise ratio, PGS said.

This enables mapping in this frontier area of a basin framework and Cretaceous through to Tertiary play elements in order to identify basin sweet spots in the syn and post-rift sections, derisking further exploration.

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