Optime Subsea to Support ABB’s Joint Industry Project

Optime Subsea has been selected to deliver a new subsea power control module to ABB, for its Joint Industry Project (JIP) started in 2013 with three oil companies .

The $150 million JIP, with ABB, Chevron, Total and Equinor, aims to develop transmission, distribution and power conversion systems for subsea pumps and gas compressors, operating at depths of 3,000 meters and over vast distances. The development is part of the industry wide objective to develop all-electric subsea processing facilities.

For the JIP, Optime Subsea has been selected to design, fabricate and qualify a subsea control module (SCM) hosting ABB’s subsea control hardware.

The first full scale prototype of a subsea variable speed drive was tested in a sheltered harbor in Vaasa, Finland, in 2017. The JIP is now preparing for a 3,000-hour shallow water test of a subsea power system with two variable speed drives in a parallel, combined with subsea switchgear and controls, targeted to start in spring 2019.

The first installation of the new subsea power systems in offshore production sites are expected to begin in 2020.

“This opportunity, once qualified, offers Optime the potential of being an even greater part in the future of all electric subsea processing. Each of these system deliveries will require a large volume of various control modules. With our unique subsea pump already being a central part of other subsea all electric initiatives, such as for permanent installed subsea chemical injection and subsea pump systems, we feel privileged that we are continuing to be a preferred technology provider of initiatives from technology providers, subsea service providers and operators,” said Jan-Fredrik Carlsen, CEO of Optime Subsea.

Given the ongoing successful JIP development, combined with ABB’s electrification, power and control expertise, the project needs a supplier with a unique subsea module solution and experience, while at the same time being flexible and efficient to meet the project’s quality and schedule. Optime has clearly demonstrated their capability and competence. We look forward to working together with them in turning electrical subsea visions into reality,” added Svein Vatland, vice president and project director of ABB’s Subsea Power JIP.

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