Offshore Energy Awards Winners Unveiled

Offshore Energy Awards winners have been revealed during the Gala Dinner held on Monday in front of 400+ attendees at the National Maritime Museum (Scheepvaartmuseum) in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

The ceremony, hosted by Viktoria Koblenko, was officially opened by Shell executive vice president, Bart van de Leemput and managing director of Navingo, Coert van Zijll Langhout, and represents the official opening of the 11th edition of Offshore Energy Exhibition & Conference.

During the ceremony the winners in three categories were announced, the winner of Best Innovation in Offshore Energy Award, the winner of Offshore Energy Public Outreach Award and the winner of the Offshore Energy Young Engineer Award.

The winners of the 2018 Offshore Energy Awards are:

  • Winner Best Innovation in Offshore Energy Award

(Presented by Joop Roodenburg, CEO, Huisman)

OASYS by ECE Offshore

This innovation is about improved monitoring of power cables during installation in wind farms. The industry has been confronted with various cable faults during the installation of power cables and this has resulted in high unexpected costs. ECE Offshore has provided a solution for reducing the risk of faults during cable installation, the OASYS cable monitoring system, a device which is connected to the installation vessel. The working principle of the device is based on sonar technology. With the specific software developed for this application, the system is able to provide real-time cable integrity data for departure angle, sagbend radius, top tension, and bottom tension. The system has been applied in more than 90 cable monitoring operations. The overall result has been less failures during power cable installation compared to traditional way of monitoring.


  • Winner Offshore Energy Public Outreach Award

(Presented by Robert Plat, principal offshore consultant, Royal IHC and Bernard Alblas, chairman, Young IRO)

Buccaneer Delft

Although it proves a challenge for all applicants to reach a broad public, the Buccaneer is making a great effort by its monthly networking events, where information is shared and discussions take place on a variety of topics, mostly focusing on innovation and the energy transition. The Buccaneer becomes more and more a center for innovative knowledge and a meeting point for the young and established parties in the energy sector. The Buccaneer is supporting the young generation, who can have a great impact on the energy transition, to boost their start-ups by offering a space and creating an environment of sharing experiences and ideas.


  • Winner Offshore Energy Young Engineer Award

(Presented by Didi te Gussinklo Ohmann, operations director, Van Oord Offshore Wind)

Marius Ottolini – Installation Engineer at Heerema Marine Contractors

Offshore engineering is about knowledge, critical thinking and above all, collaboration. It is clear that the winner brought his passion for offshore engineering and willingness to collaborate to the industry. Lateral thinking and novel ideas brought the winner to the spotlight of the jury. Ottolini led a successful team that forms the engine room which fueled the success of his project. He has made the industry more attractive for future young professionals and stimulated cross-generation cooperation. Ottolini contributed to the way of life transition; to build things together, so we all inherit a better world.


Offshore Energy Opening Gala Dinner and Awards show will be back in 2019 for the fourth edition which will be held on October 07, 2019.

Source: Navingo

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