Oceanteam inks cable transport deal

Oceanteam Solutions has entered into an agreement with an undisclosed cable manufacturer to provide transportation capability using a cable barge.

According to the company, the contract will start in April 2020 with completion in the first quarter of 2021 and optional extensions to take the contract well into 2021.

The multipurpose barge is suitable for both river scenarios and sea transportation as an option. The cable handling spread is designed to offer storage of 2,500Te of cable, loading and offloading both in tandem and side-by-side configuration, and cable transfers between two vessels, Oceanteam explains.

Project management, engineering and mobilisation of the barge, carousel, loading tower, tensioners and other deck spread equipment will be provided by Oceanteam and all operations take place at Oceanteam’s base in Velsen.

“We are proud that our team produced this flexible cable transportation and handling solution, which meets our client’s needs and requirements, in a safe and cost-efficient manner,” says Lars van ‘t Kruijs of Oceanteam Solutions.

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