Ocean Infinity and NTNU Start New Scientific Study

Ocean Infinity, in partnership with the Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), has started a long term programme of marine environmental scientific research onboard its’ vessels.

This long term study will lead to the creation of the one of the world’s largest body of physical samples from the deep ocean, Ocean Infinity said.

The material gathered, which will be made available to scientists and academics, will contribute to providing a base line study of deep sea ecosystems.  The information obtained from the samples will contribute to better understanding the Oceans’ ecosystems and environment, which in turn will facilitate their conservation and protection in line with United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.

Ocean Infinity and NTNU have developed specific equipment for deep-sea sampling from Ocean Infinity’s Remotely Operated Vehicles and the ROV operators have been trained by scientists from NTNU to ensure the data is gathered and stored in the best possible way.

Upon completion of the collection of the samples, they will be sent back to scientists at the University in Norway where they will be made available for further analysis.

Oliver Plunkett, Ocean Infinity’s CEO, said: “We believe ensuring the long term health of the Oceans and our environment is of paramount importance. In order to truly achieve that not only do we look at our own impact but also at how we can collaborate and innovate with all those who operate and work in the Oceans. Gathering information in a technologically driven low impact way which plays a major role in deepening our understanding of, and connection with, our oceans is massively important to us.

“This partnership is the beginning of an exciting opportunity to expand humankind’s knowledge of the ocean through unique scientific research, and we are privileged to be able to deploy our state-of-the art technology to that end.”

Fredrik Søreide, professor at NTNU, and chair of the Ocean Infinity Scientific Advisory Board said: “We are delighted to work with Ocean Infinity, an esteemed sub-sea technology and data company, in this innovative project. We believe that this unprecedented work will provide truly beneficial insights for academic research and help in answering many questions surrounding deep sea ecosystems today.”

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