NKT delivers Baltic Cable fix

NKT has wrapped up a turnkey offshore repair of the Baltic Cable connecting the power grids in Sweden and Germany.

The 250-kilometre interconnector suffered an anchor damage during the last days of April.

The power cable was restored within 29 days from the initial fault notification and is now back in full operation.

NKT mobilized for fault localisation, de-burial and cut and seal operation onboard a subcontracted vessel provided by JD Contractor.

After the preparations, the cable laying vessel NKT Victoria carried out the final execution.

The damaged cable section was located roughly 20 kilometres outside the Swedish coast at a water depth of 30 metres.

NKT completed the Baltic Cable repair operation by 28 May even though NKT Victoria had to complete the offshore repair under harsh weather conditions.

Axel Barnekow Widmark, executive vice president and head of Service in NKT, said:

“We clearly demonstrated that we are quick and efficient when mobilizing our equipment and skilled repair team even under the current circumstances with Covid-19.”

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