NKT – Boskalis Secure Oresund 400kV Interconnector Project

NKT – Boskalis consortium has won the turn-key order to replace the high-voltage AC interconnector system between Denmark and Sweden.

The interconnector system across the sea of Öresund ensuring efficient power transmission between Denmark and Sweden needs to be replaced as the original cables were installed in 1973.

The order consists of design, production and installation of four 400 kV high-voltage AC power cables as well as removal of the old system.

The power link is owned by the Swedish national grid operator Svenska kraftnät and plays an important role in maintaining the high transmission security of the two countries.

“Interconnectors between countries are essential to ensure an efficient energy distribution across the continent and we are always happy to take part in the development and maintenance of the power grids. We are pleased to be selected for the project replacing the Öresund connection and are looking forward to continuing the close relationship with Svenska kraftnät and Energinet. With this order we continue to maintain market traction and underlining our strong position in the high-voltage market,” says Andreas Berthou, executive vice president and head of high-voltage solutions in NKT.

The 36 kilometers of 400 kV HVAC extruded power cables are to be manufactured at the NKT factory in Karlskrona, Sweden, in 2019 and the project is expected to be completed in 2020. NKT will handle the cable design, manufacturing and the onshore installation, and Boskalis will retrieve and recycle the old oil-filled cables and do the offshore part of the cable installation.

For NKT, the order value of the Öresund connection is said to be approximately €22 million.

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