New Maritime Technology Development Firm Launched in Norway

Five Norwegian investors with experience from maritime technology innovation and industry have joined forces to establish Invento Team.

The company said it will focus on technical solutions and products for the global marketplace.

“We’re looking to establish a new cluster for maritime electronics development in the Haugesund area and are aiming to attract highly skilled development engineers from a range of different disciplines.

“Our industry is experiencing rapid changes and the need for innovative and sustainable technology is ever increasing. Invento Team will be at the forefront of this development both in terms of capabilities and quality,” says newly appointed managing director Kjell Inge Kjærandsen.

Kjærandsen himself is an experienced member of the subsea industry where he worked as development manager at RTS for 15 years. During his tenure he was responsible for a team developing a range of innovative products which are today in use on vessels, rigs and ROVs.

Invento Team ownership is shared between Kjærandsen, Freddy Knutsen (RTS), Odd Kåre Øygarden (RTS), Helge Knutsen (RTS) and Ståle Karlsen (Hydal Group).

“Our team of investors come from different industrial backgrounds and we see a lot of potential in bridging technology between industries. Our initial focus will be on the maritime and aquaculture sectors and our objective is to both develop products based on our own concepts and patents as well as joint development projects with partners and customers. Production and distribution will be carried out in collaboration with the exceptional supplier network that exists in our local area,” says Kjærandsen.

Hydal Group CEO and appointed chairman of the board, Ståle Karlsen, added: “We are looking for the best and the brightest talents to join us in establishing a new and exciting product development team in the Haugesund area. We are convinced that we have a lot to offer in the development of technical solutions which promotes both operational efficiency and environmental sustainability. The permeating company culture of Invento Team will be thoroughly focused on solutions and project execution to accomplish these goals.”

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