New marine survey player Nicola Offshore opens for business

Nicola Offshore, a new German-based company specialising in turnkey services for marine survey campaigns, has started operations from its headquarters in Hamburg.

Nautical Explorer (Courtesy of Nicola Offshore)

Working from an agile logistics and technology platform, Nicola Offshore was established to service the more complex and specialist aspects of marine surveying, including underwater object detection, unexploded ordinance (UXO), and subsea cable investigations, as well as pre- and post-dredging reports.

The company is a joint venture between Nicola Engineering, a German marine survey provider with over 40 years’ experience and ProMarine, a Dutch workboat manufacturer.

Nicola Offshore has developed an advanced marine data acquisition platform based on ProMarine’s fast workboats fitted with the integrated Hydrographic Survey System (iHSS) from marine data acquisition specialist, Subsea Europe Services.

Andres Nicola, CEO of Nicola Engineering, said: “We have noticed a significant upturn in requests for unplanned multibeam echo sounder-based surveys especially around offshore wind farms, and are confident that establishing a team to specialise in producing high quality data in these challenging conditions is the most effective way to meet the specialised needs”.

Daniel Esser, Managing Director of Nicola Offshore, added: “We are building capabilities to tackle the toughest survey projects that demand speed and agility to collect high quality data while meeting strict deadlines, often under extreme conditions. The team we have put together has the drive, expertise and experience to respond to the most daunting challenges in marine survey”.

Dick Duin, CEO of ProMarine, concluded: “The combination of fast vessels and cutting-edge survey technology positions Nicola Offshore as a unique resource for offshore clients that need gap-filler surveys actioned quickly and effectively. We’re looking forward to saying yes to the jobs that many would decline and are confident that our team, equipment and methods will deliver the results our clients demand”.

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