N-Sea wins on KBH02 project

Denmark’s energy operator Energinet has selected Dutch subsea service provider N-Sea for geological and geophysical consultancy services as part of the KBH02 ‘København02’ project.

The scope of KBH02 project services includes offshore investigations of: potential UXOs; marine archaeological objects; sites for utility croosing as well as obstacles in the expected cable route in the port and close to the port of the city of Copenhagen.

The contract has a value of approximately €3 million, excluding VAT.

København02 project aims to create artificial islands for housing and also commercial use in the marine harbour areas off Copenhagen.

The project KBH02 is a continuation of the ongoing project named KBH01; Energinet’s commitment to reinforcing and expanding the existing electricity grid in Copenhagen.

Supported also by the Danish Ministry the cable network in Copenhagen is being replaced with higher capacity cables.

With the new higher transmission capacity cables supporting Copenhagen’s increasing demand for electricity with renewable energy sources Energinet will ensure that Copenhagen can meet its future demands.

Specifically, KBH02 project is a reinvestment in the 132 kV cable connection between Svanemølle Sub Station and Amager Power Plant.

The reinvestment will consist of three tasks:

  1. Removal of the existing 132 kV sea cable to facilitate the future construction of the national project currently named Lynetteholmen.
  2. Minor reinvestments in the substations of Amager Power Plant and Svanemølle Sub Station.
  3. Finally, installation of a new 145 kV power cable between Amager Power Plant and Svanemølle Sub Station.

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