Mooreast extends product range with new hydraulic chain jacks

Mooreast Asia has extended its product range with the new Mooreast MA hydraulic chain jacks.

Hydraulic chain jacks (linear jacks) are used to tension chains of floaters.

In certain applications a small drum winch is used in combination with a chain jack. The initial hook up of chain at low tensions happens using the faster drum winch and is subsequently taken over for the final tensioning by the chain jack at higher loads.

Chain jacks are common in many deep water installations where tension requirement is high and decks are too tightly packed for drum winches and sheaving to be arranged.

Over the past five months, Mooreast has designed and fabricated a pair of Mooreast MA hydraulic chain jacks in accordance to international standards and to meet client specifications.

Together with 16 units of permanent mooring chain stoppers, foundation plinth and guided chain chutes, these chain jacks will form part of a complete mooring solution.

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