MMT Finalizes AQUIND Interconnector Geophysical Survey

MMT has completed a geophysical seabed survey for the AQUIND interconnector, a proposed subsea and underground High Voltage Direct Current link between the South Coast of England and Normandy in France.

MMT surveyed a corridor between Portsmouth in the UK and the coastal region of Dieppe in France.

The company utilized two vessels, M/V Franklin for offshore works, and M/V Seabeam for nearshore works.

Four cables, bundled as two pairs, will be installed along the surveyed route totaling approximately 190 km in length.

No major obstacles to the cable route were uncovered during the survey, MMT noted.

The survey results will inform Environmental Impact Assessments in both countries and will be further refined during the geotechnical survey campaign.

This is a major milestone in the development of AQUIND interconnector,” said Kirill Glukhovskoy, managing director, AQUIND. “We thank MMT for a job well done. The results of the survey will form an integral part of the project’s final design.

Following completion of the geophysical survey we look forward to our continued work with AQUIND to deliver a successful geotechnical campaign to further characterize the seabed conditions along the cable route,” said Nils Ingvarson, chief commercial officer, MMT.

AQUIND Interconnector remains on schedule according to the development programme, the company added.

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