MDL transpooling flowlines for India

Back-deck equipment specialist Maritime Developments MDL has completed transpooling of flowlines for an Indian Oil & Gas operator.

The scope of work covered engineering support, on-site project management as well as the supply of equipment and services to carry out testing and transpooling of 6” static flowlines, stored in Port of Blyth, England.

An MDL spread combined of a Second-generation and Third-generation reel drive systems transpooled over 4,200 metres of product from 2 storage reels onto 2 MDL 9.2m installation reels.

In 2018, MDL Asset Maintenance & Engineering carried out pressure testing and preservation works on 4 reels of the product on location – 2 of which have already been installed.

MDL also provided engineering support for the transpooling, including the design of the site layout, a transpooling method statement, design of partitions on the installation reels and lifting drawings for the fully-loaded reels.

Following the operation, the reels departed for India.

Paul Marshall, MDL project engineer, said:

“This was a fast-tracked project, awarded to MDL on 23 December and commencing during the festive period, with the mobilisations, testing, transpooling, reel load out and site demobilisation completed within 5 weeks.”

“With cooperation with the client’s team, we safely handled the complete logistics of the fully loaded reels, from transpooling to lifting onto the transport vessel.”

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