Magseis Fairfield Boosts Nodes Sale in Asia

Magseis Fairfield has signed a system sales contract for delivery of Z100 nodes to an undisclosed client in Asia.

The delivery complements the client’s existing Z100 system and should enhance its ability to execute large scale transition zone and shallow water ocean bottom node surveys, Magseis Fairfield said.

“While our current operations are focused on deep-water surveys, this award goes to show that we also offer competitive node systems for shallow-water surveys through our technology sales and lease business,” says Carel Hooijkaas, Magseis Fairfield CEO.

The contract will be filled with an immediate shipment of the first half of the total volume of nodes from inventory, and through delivery of the second half of total volume from new-built nodes in the second quarter 2020.

“This is a profitable addition to our near-term backlog. It remains a top priority for us to continue to rebuild the backlog with healthy projects in all four of our business lines; Data Acquisition, Reservoir Monitoring/Source, Technology sales and lease, and Multi-Client services,” adds Hooijkaas.

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