MacArtney Supplies MERMAC Winch to ASN for Johan Castberg Work

MacArtney has provided active heave compensated MERMAC winch solution to Alcatel Submarine Networks (ASN) for planned subsea offshore operations.

MacArtney’s MERMAC R40 AHC winch will facilitate the laying of seismic cables on the seabed of the Johan Castberg oil field in the Barents Sea for Equinor’s new Permanent Reservoir Monitoring system.

The MERMAC R40 AHC winch is supplied with a Moog Focal combined electro optical slip ring. The winch is umbilical compatible and fitted with slip ring and joint box suitable for single mode fibre optics.

The MERMAC winch system will be utilized aboard the Ile de Class vessel in the laying of seismic cabling and sensors that will be permanently deployed on the Barents’ seabed to enable more frequent and improved 4D seismic interpretation of the subsurface.

The active heave compensation works to reduce the influence of wave movement on the Touchdown Monitoring System and enables it to accurately lay the seismic cables and sensors in the correct position on the seabed.

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