MacArtney Introduces eLARS | Subsea World News

MacArtney is launching an all-new, all-electric launch and recovery system for the ocean space market.

The new eLARS can be delivered as a complete system or as a stand-alone A-frame and will support a wide range of inspection and observation class, as well as work class ROVs, the company said.

The eLARS is available for delivery, equipped with energy harvest and battery system, significantly reducing the need for external power during operation and in some cases eliminating it entirely, MacArtney explained.

The eLARS is designed and manufactured in Denmark.

MacArtney’s director of Engineering, Lasse Rasmussen said, “Developing the eLARS has been an engineering journey during which we have experienced a great level of support from a wide range of our customers, enabling us to present what we believe is an answer to the future market of Launch and Recovery Systems.

“Through the eLARS, we are offering simple and proven technology configured to replace hydraulic systems directly, and by doing so effectively provide our customers with future proof systems with a low environmental impact, intelligent control systems and not least a high degree of operational efficiency.”

Launching the new all-electric eLARS marks an environmental milestone for MacArtney.

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