KW Designed Pressure Control System for Churchill Drilling Tools

KW Designed Solutions has been approached by oilfield service company Churchill Drilling Tools to deliver a pressure control system for the factory acceptance testing (FAT) of their downhole tooling range.

With a focus on improving safety and operational efficiency, a key requirement is a system which has the capability to test seal integrity at low pressures (up to 3,000 psi) for FAT and also to test at high pressure (22,500 psi) for R&D purposes.

This order helps strengthen KW Designed Solutions’ position, not only providing full innovative pressure testing systems, but also providing independent pressure control solutions with the emphasis on operational safety, the company explained.

KW Designed Solutions is a member of the Pressure Vessel Manufacturers Forum (PVMF). This group continues to discuss the growing importance of removing personnel from pressure containing equipment during testing or production operations.

This pressure control system integrated into the Churchill Drilling Tools test cell reportedly creates a safe and practical working environment; ensuring all personnel are protected against the potential risks associated with high pressure equipment.

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