JFSE Adds More to Its Offshore Wind Tools Portfolio

Subsea excavation specialist James Fisher Subsea Excavation (JFSE) has enhanced its offering bringing two new ultra low draft (ULD) tools to market for the offshore wind sector.

The T4000 ULD, a re-engineered version of the T4000, now offers shallow water excavation with reportedly the world’s most stable CFE system. The stability and single outlet give the narrowest, most accurate trench of any CFE system worldwide, according to JFSE.

It was designed to meet the needs for more localised trenching machine to tackle shallow water and, like the SP6000 ULD, has been developed specifically for the European offshore wind market. The first project with the new tool has just been completed off Germany.

The expanded range can operate in water depths from 1m to 300m, handling soils ranging from soft sand to clays with shear strength of 300kPa.

Graham Murdoch, technical director at JFSE, said: “We are committed to constantly evolving our range, particularly in response to client requirements, a direct result of which is the T4000 ULD. We looked at the fluid dynamics and efficiencies of our equipment and have again satisfied the needs of our clients.

“The SP6000 ULD was developed after clients requested a smaller CFE tool to tackle the limitations posed by cranes on some smaller shallow water vessels. JFSE has successfully completed three projects with the new tool since its introduction this year.”


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