JFD Snaps Up Fathom Systems

JFD, part of James Fisher and Sons, has acquired Fathom Systems – provider of diver communications, gas analysis, diver monitoring and integrated diving control systems for diving support vessels (DSVs).

JFD believes that this deal will expand its portfolio of innovative diving solutions for the oil and gas, defence, renewables, decommissioning and aquaculture market sectors, providing greater value and a more diverse range of products.

Scotland-based Fathom Systems also offers a more diversified product portfolio supported by its expertise in electronics, software, diving physics and digital communications including HD digital video systems, ROV control systems, intervention tooling and ROV gyrocompass systems.

The company aims to benefit from Fathom Systems’ expertise in these specialist areas, with the latest innovations integrated into JFD’s new solutions.

Giovanni Corbetta, managing director, JFD, said: “The next generation of diving solutions will require more embedded electronics and software solutions, which provide greater value and enhanced solutions to our customer’s most pressing challenges. This deal offers the opportunity for JFD to generate new growth beyond the core oil and gas subsea market and into wider customer segments, broadening the scope of our offering and our ability to increase the safety of divers working in the most extreme environments.”

Gareth Kerr, managing director of Fathom Systems, stated: “Fathom Systems has been involved in the latest generation of new-build DSV projects and we have now extended our focus to further support surface-supply diving and to bring our technology to the Submarine Rescue market. JFD sets the industry standard for quality and reliability in these areas and with the strength of the Fathom brand added to the Group portfolio we expect to see significant opportunities for state-of-the-art integrated solutions.”

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