Ithaca: Harrier Field on Track for Mid-2018 Startup

Ithaca Energy, a UK North Sea oil and gas operator, has informed that the Harrier field development is on track for startup in mid-2018.

The Harrier field, together with the Stella field, is a part of the Greater Stella Area (GSA), located in the Central Graben area of the Central North Sea.

According to Ithaca, only tie-in of the Harrier infield pipeline to the existing GSA facilities remains prior to the startup of the field.

Les Thomas, chief executive officer, said: “We  continue to make good progress in extending the GSA production hub, with the remaining Harrier development activities running ahead of schedule and start-up of the field anticipated mid-2018.”

In addition, the company achieved strong FPF-1 floating production unit uptime performance, with the fully operational GSA hub.

Ithaca has also started planning for drilling of a potential Stella infill well in 2019 to maximize reserves recovery from the field.

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