ION Introduces New Version of Marlin Software

Illustration purpose only, Photo: ION

ION Geophysical has launched its enterprise version of Marlin software to more broadly optimize offshore operations.

Marlin supports a step change offshore from traditional manual processes to digital solutions that integrate and share information in real time to enable better, safer decisions.

Marlin provides a Cloud-enabled platform that links temporal planning with timestamped spatial data. This integration of data enables multiple stakeholders onshore and offshore to share and visualize vessel route plans, information on operational activity alongside any associated exclusion zones, foresee and avoid conflicts between vessels and fixed assets, optimize schedules safely within a rules-based environment, and measure and improve asset performance.

This software package has the potential to revolutionize offshore operations,” said Chris Usher, executive vice president of ION’s Operations Optimization group. “The maritime industry is going digital. Clients are looking for a smarter way to manage their operations and this enterprise version of Marlin can reach a lot more clients and projects than our field service team could. We believe Marlin can deliver significant value in operational efficiency, safety, environmental compliance and total cost of ownership for diverse maritime assets whether a customer operates a busy offshore oil and gas asset, tracks marine traffic in harbors, or manages supply vessel scheduling around wind farms. Marlin consistently unites and engages personnel across activities and is proving invaluable around event transparency as almost every project is followed by requests for extensive mission playback from the system.”

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