Intertek delivers feasibility study for the world’s longest subsea power link

London-based Intertek has delivered a permit feasibility study for Xlinks’ subsea cable system between the UK and Morocco.

UK-based Xlinks is developing the world’s longest 3.6 GW subsea power link between the UK and Morocco, which will transit through the territorial waters of France, Spain and Portugal.

When and if completed, the subsea cable, made up of two 3,850 kilometres rigid bipole HVDC systems, should provide UK with solar power source from the Sahara.

Intertek said it completed the permit feasibility study through a comprehensive consultation process with the relevant authorities in each of the transit countries.

According to the company, it’s final report outlines in detail the process Xlinks must follow to obtain the permits to survey the proposed route, install the cable system and complete the necessary maintenance throughout the project’s operation life.

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