Hydroid and OIP Ink Belgian Mine Counter Measures Deal

Hydroid, a Kongsberg company, has signed a teaming agreement with Belgian defense company OIP Sensor Systems (OIP) to work jointly and exclusively on competing for the Belgian Ministry of Defence mine counter measures (MCM) toolbox program.

Senior officials from the two parties participated in a signing event held at the OIP facility in Oudenaarde, Belgium.

The agreement is part of the OIP drive to form a competitive Belgian lead collaboration combining a unmanned MCM solution with an systems integration experience that should enable the team to win shares of the development and production involved in the MCM Toolbox program.

Teaming with Hydroid allows OIP to offer MCM package that includes the operational Seagull multi-mission unmanned surface vehicle (USV); an acoustic underwater communication technology;  electro-optic systems; and Hydroid’s REMUS autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and its autonomous deployment & retrieval system (DRS).

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