Hydrex In Rudder Repair Action

Underwater repair and maintenance specialist, Hydrex, has recently carried out rudder inspection and follow up repair on a tanker that was performing cargo operations in Antwerp.

The vessel needed a fast on-site solution that would allow it to sail on after commercial operations were complete without losing time and with a fully functioning rudder.

Hydrex diver inspection revealed that the rudder’s flap was almost completely detached from the rudder. The top hinge had come loose completely. The weight of the flap had severely bent the pin that attached it to the rudder at the bottom hinge and was just barely keeping it from falling off. The edge of the rudder was also cracked and deformed next to the lower hinge, the company explained.

After arriving next to the vessel, the diver/welders started the operation by securing the rudder flap with chains. Next they burned off the area of the flap that connected it to the bent pin. Once this was done, the divers left the water and the crew of the tanker slowly moved the rudder’s position until the flap disconnected from the rudder and came to rest completely on the chains.

The Becker flap was then lifted onto our workboat and brought to our workshop. By doing this the vessel could immediately sail on to her next scheduled stop. The flap was later transported to the OEM to be repaired.

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