Horizon Geosciences Wraps Up Vineyard Wind Survey Work

Horizon Geosciences, with its subcontractor Seaforth Geosurveys, has completed the geophysical surveys and geotechnical investigations at the site of the proposed Vineyard wind farm, offshore Massachusetts, on behalf of Vineyard Wind.

Horizon provided the dynamically positioned geotechnical drilling vessel Horizon Geobay, which drilled a number of deep geotechnical boreholes at the specific locations of offshore wind turbines to provide soils data for foundation engineering and installation assessment.

A complex lab testing programme is currently ongoing, the company noted.

Seaforth has performed geophysical work from the vessel Kommandor Iona to provide bathymetry, seabed imaging, sub-bottom and magnetometer data for seabed clearance, inter array cable routing, and lateral variability assessment.

Both vessels worked closely with Vineyard Wind and BOEM to ensure the project specifications were met.

Lance Hanson, projects director for Horizon Geosciences said: “This is a significant project for both Horizon and Seaforth as we see significant future opportunities in US offshore wind. Being involved in one of the earliest ground investigations for a large scale offshore wind farm in the US is a great achievement for both companies.”

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