HFW Aids BIMCO in Drafting Decommissioning Contact

HFW law firm has helped shipping association BIMCO draft an industry standard offshore decommissioning contact.

The contract, DISMANTLECON, has been approved by BIMCO’s Documentary Committee and will be released at the end of June, along with guidance notes.

It can be used for removal of any offshore field architecture, including pipelines, mattresses, manifolds, jackets, topsides, platforms and monopole structures.

HFW is the only law firm on BIMCO’s drafting sub-committee for this contract. Its team is led by global shipping head Paul Dean and partner Tom Walters.

Paul Dean, head of Shipping, HFW said: “We are very pleased to continue to support BIMCO in drafting clauses and contracts covering the full lifecycle of ship-related operation and activity.”

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