Hengtong High Voltage Sets New Subsea Cable Record

Hengtong High Voltage said it has produced the world’s longest length of 500kV AC XLPE submarine power cable without factory joints.

According to the company, the 18.15 kilometers of 500 kV XLPE submarine cable without factory joints passed the factory acceptance test earlier in March this year.

In June 2017, the Chinese company also claimed the world’s longest single no joint 220kV submarine cable.

With this achievement, Hengtong High Voltage said it is not just continuing to improve its EHV submarine capabilities but also consolidating its position in the industry.

The 500kV submarine cable system plays a key part of power transmission and transformation project in Zhoushan, Zhejiang province in China. The cable will facilitate the power interconnection between offshore installations, Ningbo (a coastal city in Zhejiang province) and Zhoushan.

“The 500 kV XLPE submarine cable will be a crucial part of the power interconnectivity in the new development zone of the Zhoushan Archipelago,” stated Li Ziwei, chairman of Hengtong High Voltage. “We are extremely proud of our contribution to making ‘made in China’ a worldwide seal of quality and also about the success of our teams that designed a differentiating solution overcoming important technical challenges. This solution will support the development of the energy grid in Ningbo-Zhoushan areas.”

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